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Chapter 15. Using the Address Book > Integrating with Outlook - Pg. 267

Using the Address Book 1. Choose View, Filter to display the Filter dialog box (see Figure 15.9). 267 Figure 15.9. Specify the criteria that must be met for the record to be displayed in the list in the Filter dialog box. 2. 3. 4. 5. Click the first drop-down list arrow and choose a field. These fields are the column heading names, and you are choosing the one that you want the entries to be filtered by. Click the operator button between the list box and the text box. Until you change it, the button has an equals sign on it. Select an operator from the list. The operators are used to narrow down the list. For example, you can filter out all the records with a ZIP Code of Greater Than 53600. Type the text or value that you want to use as a filter in the text box, and then click OK. To continue the example in step 4, you would enter 53600 as the ZIP Code value. CorelCENTRAL refreshes the list and displays only those records that meet the criteria.