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Part: II Making it Look Nice > Using Styles for Consistency - Pg. 139

139 Chapter 9. Using Styles for Consistency In this Chapter · Learn about the different types of styles and create your own styles on-the-fly with QuickStyles. · Apply the styles that come with WordPerfect to your own documents. · Create and edit your own styles to speed up your formatting tasks and to ensure a consistent appearance. · Use QuickFormat to copy the formatting from one section of text to other sections. In the previous two chapters, you learned how to use most of the formatting commands that control lines, paragraphs, and pages. This chapter teaches you how to use those formatting commands to create styles . A style is a collection of commands that you can apply all at once, instead of working through the same series of steps, over and over again, to apply formatting. Styles speed up the formatting process and make it possible to make editing changes on-the-fly. They also ensure a consistent appearance among documents. For example, you could use styles