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Part: V Automating Your Work > Creating and Playing Macros - Pg. 285

285 Chapter 17. Creating and Playing Macros In this Chapter · · · · · Learn what a macro is and how it can save you time. Learn how to play macros that someone else has written. Gain an understanding of the variety and usefulness of macros that come with WordPerfect. Learn how to create your own macros and edit them to make minor changes. Create three sample macros that you can use right away. Macros are different from the other automation features in WordPerfect. The macro language is powerful. With a few exceptions, anything you can do in a document can be done in a macro. The nice thing about macros is that you don't have to learn the macro language to write your own macros. And one more thing: You might have heard about macro viruses infecting computers and causing all sorts of problems. Rest assured that WordPerfect macros are more secure and less vulnerable to viruses than Microsoft products. It's complicated to explain, but it has to do with the fact that when