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Money's Home Page

Using Alternative Views

On your Microsoft Money home page, click the Choose a view down arrow and select an option to see a different view.

To see another view, click the Task-Based Home Page link.

To go back to the main home page, click the Return to the Main Home Page link.


Before you change and rearrange the categories on your home page, take a look at the alternative views you can use to view the information on your home page. There are several alternative views from which you can choose, each with a unique purpose.


Using the Task-Based Home Page

The Task-Based home page is one of my favorite views. The same information that is accessible from the main home page is also accessible from the Task-Based home page, but the information is arranged by task, which makes finding what you need easier.

Customizing the Task List

On your Microsoft Money home page, click the Choose a task down arrow, select Customize this task list, and click Go.

To add a task to the list, click a task in the Available list and click Add.

To remove a task from the list, click the task in the Displayed list and click Remove.

To move a task up or down on the list, click the task in the Displayed list.


Now let's look at changing some things on your home page, such as customizing the task list located on the upper-left corner. The task list is used to select key functions to perform, such as maintaining your account information or running a report. You can customize the functions that appear on this list so that you can access them quickly.

Click Move Up or Move Down as many times as necessary to move the task where you want it.

When you are finished arranging, adding, and removing tasks, click OK.


Adding Tasks

For easy access, you can add tasks to your list for your accounts. Adding tasks to your list is another way to quickly access tasks you use a lot.

Modifying the Order of Categories

On your Microsoft Money home page, click the Choose a view down arrow and select Customize my home page view.

Click the View down arrow and select Custom. The changes you make to the categories will be saved under this view.

Add categories to the Displayed list and arrange them, moving them up or down, just as you did the tasks in your task list earlier in this part.

Click OK to apply the changes.


You can change categories that appear on your home page just like you did tasks that appear in your task list. You can add a category, remove one, and arrange the order in which they appear.


Contemplating Categories

When considering what categories you want to appear on your home page, think about what categories are most important to you. Put the important categories high on the list, and those that are less important farther down.


Updating Categories

As you work in Money creating plans, budgets, and so on, you probably will want to come back to this task and update your categories as needed.

Collapsing or Expanding Categories

To collapse a category, click the double up arrows. To expand it, click the double down arrows.

To view pop-up information about a specific area of a flow or pie chart, place your mouse pointer over the area.

To view more detailed information about a category, click the links within that category.

To remove a category altogether, click the × button next to the category.


Now that you have your categories in order, let's see how they work. You can open categories to view them in more detail, update information for a category, collapse the categories, or remove them.


Re-adding Removed Categories

You can always add a category back or find a new one to add by performing the steps in the preceding task.

Changing Your Default Home Page

Open the Tools menu and choose Options.

Click the Start Money with this page open down arrow and select the desired option.

Click OK.


Now that you know how to use and customize your home page, you can also change what page you see each time you open Money. If you like your home page the way it is, that's great; don't change a thing. If, however, you prefer to see a different view—for example, your accounts list—each time you enter Money, you can change the default page.


Viewing the Default Page

The default page doesn't take effect until you exit and re-enter Money.

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