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Chapter 7. Working with Resource Assignm... > Assigning Resources with the Task Fo...

Assigning Resources with the Task Form

Another method commonly used to assign resources and edit resource information is to use the Task Form. This is a form that comes up in the bottom half of the screen when you split the windows in the Gantt Chart view. This view shows you not only assignment information about the task that is selected in the upper window, but also task information such as a list of predecessors, task type, and other task-level information. You can also view several other forms in this way that show more detailed information about the Work, Cost, and Schedule of resources assigned to the selected task.

Using the Resources and Predecessors Form

Click Window, Split, and the Resources and Predecessors form appears by default in the lower half of the split-screen.

Select the task you want to view.

The name of the resources assigned to the selected task appears on the left side of the form.

The form also shows the Assignment Units and the Assignment Work for each assignment here. These can be edited here, as well.

The upper portion of the form shows task-level information such as Start, Finish, Task Type, Duration, and % Complete.

You can assign a new resource by selecting the space just below the last resource in the list and then selecting them from the drop-down list.

You can then edit the Units and Work values for the assignment.

Click OK to make the assignment.



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