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Chapter 2. Creating Projects > Opening a Project - Pg. 28

Creating Projects 28 Opening a Project Like the other Office System applications, Project's Open dialog allows you to not only open your project files, but also to search for files using the Office search features. The Open dialog also provides you with shortcuts to your most commonly used files. This section shows you how to open project files, how to search for documents, and how to customize the shortcuts for this dialog. Open a Project 1. Open the File menu and click Open. 2. Select the location of your project file from the Look In drop-down list. 3. Alternatively, choose a location from the My Places bar that lists common folders. 4. Select the file you want to open. 5. If you want to open one of the other file types that Microsoft Project can access, select it from the list in the Files of Type drop-down list. 6. Click Open.