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Troubleshooting > Reviewing changes - Pg. 599

Troubleshooting How can I move around quickly in my larger document Does the Select Browse Object button help me to find all my footnotes 599 Opening, finding and saving files Can I save my document in a different location I need to open a file that was created in an older version of Word I forgot the file name of my document is there a way to find it Page formatting What are all the ways I can align my paragraphs Can I set any tabs to make my spacing consistent I was just told to increase my document's line spacing Is there a way to add a border to my pages I need to present a CONFIDENTIAL document, are there any special markings I can add to my pages How do I create captions for my Table of Figures I'm typing a legal briefing and I'm told I need to number every line in my document Can I insert page and chapter numbers into my document How can I adjust margins As I preview my document, there are certain areas where I want to have the text on the next page Printing Should I look at my document before printing it Is there a way to just print a certain section of my document Can I print on both sides of my paper Reviewing changes I need to send out my document for review, will they use sticky notes How can I track all the recommended changes to my document Now that my document has been reviewed, how can I accept certain changes When sending a document out for review can I create a routing slip Searching Is there a way to find one word and replace it with another My searches don't display information that I know exists When I search, I don't find the files I expect to find I don't understand how to use natural language searching