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Chapter 3. Formatting Documents > Finding and Replacing Formatting - Pg. 91

Formatting Documents 91 Finding and Replacing Formatting Suddenly you realize all the bold text in your report would be easier to read in italics. Do you spend time making these changes one by one? No. The Find and Replace feature locates the formatting and instantly substitutes new formatting. If your search for a formatting change is an easy one, click Less in the Find And Replace dialog box to decrease the size of the dialog box. If your search is a more complex one, click More to display additional options. With the Match Case option, you can specify exact capitalization. The Go To tab quickly moves you to a place or item in your document. Find Text or Formatting 1. Click the Edit menu, and then click Find. 2. If you want to locate formated text, type the word or words. 3. Click More, click Format, and then click the formatting you want to find. When you're done, click OK. 4. Click Find Next to select the next instance of the formatted text. 5. Click OK to confirm Word finished the search.