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Chapter 3. Formatting Documents > Changing Paragraph Alignment

Changing Paragraph Alignment

Text starts out positioned evenly along the left margin, and uneven, or ragged, at the right margin. Left-aligned text works well for body paragraphs in most cases, but other alignments vary the look of a document and help lead the reader through the text. Right-aligned text, which is even along the right margin and ragged at the left margin, is good for adding a date to a letter. Justified text spreads text evenly between the margins, creating a clean, professional look, often used in newspapers and magazines. Centered text is best for titles and headings. You can use Click-And-Type to quickly center titles or set different text alignment on the same line, or you can use the alignment buttons on the Formatting toolbar to set alignment on one or more lines.

Align New Text with Click-And-Type

  • Position the I-beam at the left, right, or center of the line where you want to insert new text.

    When the I-beam shows the appropriate alignment, double-click to place the insertion point, and then type your text.

Click-And-Type Text Pointers

Left-aligns text
Right-aligns text
Centers text
Creates a new line in the same paragraph
Creates text around a picture

Align Existing Text

Position the I-beam, or select at least one line in each paragraph to align.

Click the appropriate button on the Formatting toolbar.

  • Align Left button

  • Center button

  • Align Right button

  • Justify button

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