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Troubleshooting > Importing and Exporting - Pg. 511

Troubleshooting 511 Editing The text I entered looks too close together, can I spread it out As I enter my text, PowerPoint is making it smaller to fit Is there a way to undo something I'd like to change the standard bullet that appears on my outline to a checkbox Can I resize my picture The piece of Clip Art I am using looks a little faded, can it be fixed I think I cropped my object too much Is there a way that I can enter data for my chart in Microsoft Graph Help How can i get the help I need What is this paper clip thing that keeps popping up Can I turn off the Assistant, it's getting in the way Importing and Exporting Can I bring in an outline that I created in Word I'm having a hard time bringing in my digital picture that I took My chart doesn't look updated I have all the data I need on a Word table, can I insert it How can I export my outline to Word I need to save my slides in a different format Languages and voice options How can I use multiple languages in one presentation I want to control my presentation with my voice so I don't have to use the keyboard How does PowerPoint recognize my voice Do I need to turn something on to dictate any text Can I translate a presentation for some of our clients Links and embedded objects I'm not quite sure what the difference is between pasting, embedding, and linking I'd like to insert a file and embed it into my presentation Can I past a link to another file My Excel worksheet has changed, do I need to update any links to my presentation Masters What exactly are masters How can I include our company logo on every presentation