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Chapter 11. Reviewing and Sharing a Pres... > Sending a Presentation for Review Us... - Pg. 438

Reviewing and Sharing a Presentation 438 Did You Know? You can unrestrict a presentation.Click the File menu, point to Permission, and then click Unrestricted Access. Sending a Presentation for Review Using E-Mail After you finish making changes to a presentation, you can quickly send it to another person for review using e-mail. PowerPoint allows you to send presentations out for review using e-mail from within the program so that you do not have to open your e-mail program. You can also send a presentation as an attachment using the Mail Recipient (As Attachment) option or by clicking the E- mail (as Attachment) button on the Standard toolbar. Send a Presentation for Review Using E-Mail 1. Click the File menu, point to Send To, and then click Mail Recipient (For Review). 2. Click To, click the recipient names, and then click To, Cc, or Bcc. 3. Click OK, and then click the Send button on the toolbar. The message includes the text "Please review the attached document". The subject line of the e-mail will contain the file name of the presentation that you are sending.