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Chapter 7. Finalizing a Presentation and... > Previewing a Presentation - Pg. 328

Finalizing a Presentation and Its Supplements 328 Previewing a Presentation Print preview allows you to see how your presentation will look before you print it. While in print preview, you have the option of switching between various views, such as notes, slides, outlines, and handouts. You can even view your presentation in landscape or portrait. If you are using a black and white printer, you can preview your color slides in pure black and white or grayscale in print preview to verify that they will be legible when you print them. Preview Your Presentation 1. Click the Print Preview button on the Standard toolbar. If you are printing to a grayscale printer, your slides are shown in grayscale using print preview. 2. Click the Print What list arrow on the Print Preview toolbar, and then click an option in the list. 3. Click the Close button to close Print Preview.