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Chapter 11. Using the Journal > Organizing Journal Entries

Organizing Journal Entries

You can specify a category for your journal entries. A category is a keyword or phrase that helps you keep track of certain items, such as e-mail messages, appointments, contacts, notes, or a task. By assigning a category to an entry, you can easily find, sort, filter, or group journal entries. You can use the category to help you keep track of different types of Outlook items that are related but are stored in different folders. You can use the Ways To Organize Journal pane to identify the categories that you want to record automatically in the Journal. Outlook provides a list of built-in categories called the Master Category List. This list contains typical general categories, such as Business, Personal, and Phone Calls. You can use the Master Category List as it is or add your own categories to it. For example, you can create a category called Spring Project to organize all the e-mail, documents, and contact information related to that project. Depending on how you work, you can create categories and then assign items to them later, or assign an item to a category as you create the item. You can also assign an item to more than one category.

Organize Journal Entries

Display your Journal.

Click the Tools menu, and then click Organize.

Click the Using Categories tab.

Click the Add Entries list arrow, and then click a category.

Click Add.

When you're done, click the Close button in the Ways To Organize Journal pane.



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