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Troubleshooting > Meetings - Pg. 503

Troubleshooting How do I open an instant message using the Alert icon Is it possible to organize my contacts into groups Can I have an audio or video conversation I need someone to help show me how to fix a computer problem What is a .NET Passport and how do I get one Can I close and continue to run Windows Messenger when I am signed in Who can I send an instant message to How can I add another person to my conversation Can I decline the transfer of a file during an instant message How does Outlook work with Windows Messenger 503 Journal entries How do I create a note Can I automatically record journal entries I want to archive journal entries How can I time how long an activity takes Is it possible to change journal entries after I have created them How do I organize journal entries I don not know how to print journal entries Meetings Can I notify a group about an event or appointment How can I respond to meeting request from an e-mail message My online NetMeeting settings are unavailable Notes How do I create a Note I would like to edit a Note Can I assign a Note to a contact Is it possible to search for note text I want to change the note color How can I customize the Notes folder I would like to share a note with someone else Rules I want to create a rule that applies to only one e-mail account, not all of them I can't find a rule I created in the Organize pane in one of my inboxes Sending and receiving e-mail messages I'm having trouble locating a particular message, can Outlook help me find it