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Chapter 11. Delivering a Presentation wi... > Adding Action Buttons - Pg. 435

Delivering a Presentation with PowerPoint 435 Adding Action Buttons When you create a self-running presentation to show at a kiosk, you might want a user to be able to move easily to specific slides or to a different presentation altogether. To give a user this capa- bility, insert action buttons, which are onscreen objects that users can click to control a presentation. Clicking an action button activates a hyperlink, a connection between two locations in the same document or in different documents. Insert an Action Button 1. Click the Slide Show menu. 2. Point to Action Buttons, and then choose the action button you want. 3. Drag the pointer to insert the action button, and then release the mouse button when the action button is the size you want. 4. If necessary, fill out the Action Settings dialog box, and then click OK. 5. If the button is custom, right-click the button, click Add Text, and then type a name.