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Chapter 10. Creating a Presentation with... > Inserting Slides from Other Presenta... - Pg. 426

Creating a Presentation with PowerPoint 426 Did You Know? You can wrap text in an AutoShape or resize it.Right-click the AutoShape, click Format AutoShape, click the Text Box tab, select the Word Wrap In AutoShape check box or select the Resize To Fit Text check box, and then click OK. Inserting Slides from Other Presentations To insert slides from other presentations in a slide show, you can open the presentation and copy and paste the slides you want, or you can use the Slide Finder feature. With Slide Finder, you don't have to open the presentation first; instead, you view a miniature of each slide in a presentation, and then insert only the ones you select. With Slide Finder, you can also create a list of favorite presentations for use in future slide shows. Insert Slides Using the Slide Finder 1. Click the Insert menu, and then click Slides From Files. 2. Click the Find Presentation tab. 3. Click Browse, locate and select the file you want, and then click Open.