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Adding WordArt

To add life to your documents, you can add a WordArt object to your document. WordArt is an Office component that allows you to add visual enhancements to your text that go beyond changing a font or font size. You can select a WordArt style that stretches your text horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. You can also change the character spacing and reshape the text. Like many enhancements you can add to a document, WordArt is an object that you can move, resize, and even rotate. WordArt is a great way to enhance a newsletter or resume, jazz up an invitation or flyer, or produce a creative report cover or eye-catching envelope.

Create WordArt

Right-click any toolbar, and then click Drawing to display the Drawing toolbar.

Click the Insert WordArt button on the Drawing toolbar.

Double-click the style of text you want to insert.

Type the text you want in the Edit WordArt Text dialog box.

Click the Font list arrow, and then select the font you want.

Click the Size list arrow, and then select the font size you want.

If necessary, click the Bold button, the Italic button, or both.

Click OK.

Did You Know?

You can display the WordArt toolbar. When you click a WordArt object, its selection handles and the WordArt toolbar reappear. If the toolbar doesn't appear, click the View menu, point to Toolbars, and then click WordArt.

With the WordArt object selected, drag any handle to reshape the object until the text is the size you want.

Use the WordArt toolbar buttons to format or edit the WordArt.

Drag the WordArt object to the location you want.

Click outside the WordArt text to deselect the object and close the toolbar.

Using WordArt Toolbar Buttons

IconButton NamePurpose
Insert WordArtCreate new WordArt
Edit TextEdit the existing text in a WordArt object
WordArt GalleryChoose a new style for existing WordArt
Format WordArtChange the attributes of existing WordArt
WordArt ShapeModify the shape of an existing WordArt object
Free RotateRotate an existing object
WordArt Same Letter HeightsMake uppercase and lowercase letters the same height
WordArt VerticalChange horizontal letters into a vertical formation
WordArt AlignmentModify the alignment of an existing object
WordArt Character SpacingChange the spacing between characters

Did You Know?

You can change the WordArt fill color to match the background. Click the WordArt object, click the Format WordArt button, click the Colors And Lines tab, click the Fill Color button list arrow, click Fill Effects, click the Patterns tab, click the Background list arrow, choose a background color, and then click OK.

You can add a fill effect to WordArt. To fill a WordArt object with a pattern or special effect, click the Fill Color button list arrow on the Drawing toolbar, click Fill Effects, and then click the fill effect you want.

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