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Chapter 12. Sharing Workbook Data > Sending a Workbook for Review

Sending a Workbook for Review

After you have completed your workbook, you can share and send it to others for review. The Mail Recipient (for Review) command makes it easy to create and send an e-mail with the workbook attachment and proper follow up settings. When a reviewer receives the e-mail with the attached file and opens the workbook, the reviewing tools are ready to use during the review process. When the reviewers return the file, Excel prompts you to merge the changes with the original workbook. You can use the reviewing tools to accept or reject the changes, or end the review cycle.

Send a Workbook for Review Using E-Mail

Open the shared workbook you want to send out for review.

Click the File menu, point to Send To, and then click Mail Recipient (Review). Your default e-mail program opens, displaying a new e-mail message window.

If a message box appears, asking you to save a shared version of the workbook for reviews, click Yes, and then click the Save button to save a shared copy of the file.

Click the To button, select the contacts to whom you want the message sent, and then click OK.

Type a message for the reviewers.

Click the Send button on the toolbar to send the e-mail to reviewers.

When the reviewer receives the e-mail, open the file attachment, make changes, and then click the Reply With Changes button on the Reviewing toolbar.

When you receive the e-mail back with changes, open the file, and then merge the changes.

When you're done, click the End Review button on the Reviewing toolbar.



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