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Chapter 12. Using Data from Other Source... > Copying Information Between Applicat... - Pg. 238

238 Chapter 12. Using Data from Other Sources In This Chapter · · · · Using cut, copy, and paste to transfer information from other applications into Word. Taking advantage of the Office Clipboard to store more than one clip at a time. Using Object Linking and Embedding to insert information. Working with files that are not in Word document (.doc) format. · Saving documents so they can be opened in earlier versions of Word. Microsoft Word 2003 is an amazing program by itself, but when you use it together with the other Microsoft Office applications, it becomes a very powerful application. You can use the specialized Office programs for other tasks and then incorporate that information into a Word document. Use Excel for your reporting, Outlook for scheduling, FrontPage for your Web work, Project for project data, PowerPoint for your presentations, and so on. Because Word can open files in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) format, you can save Web