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Chapter 14. Preparing to Make a Presenta... > Exploring Contingency Options - Pg. 250

Preparing to Make a Presentation 250 Exploring Contingency Options Good presenters know, usually from experience, that not everything goes just the way you hope it will. Some presenters have enough background and expertise to be able to forget the PowerPoint presentation and give a great presentation on their own. The rest of us, however, generally depend on the slide show to make it through the presentation. For us, it's doubly important that we make alternate plans for our presentations in the event that something goes wrong. What could possibly go wrong? I could make a long list, but these are a few things that come immediately to mind: · · · · Your laptop computer develops a problem and you can't use it to show the slide show. While making a last-minute change, you damage your slide show file or delete it. The laptop works fine, but the projector you were promised doesn't show up. Everything's working fine until the guy presenting next door blows a circuit breaker, and you lose power. I could go on, but I think you get the point. Murphy's Law says that things can and will go wrong. A little advance preparation, including options described in the following sections, can help you weather such problems. Packaging a Presentation for a CD I never go to a presentation without making a backup copy of my slide show. If my computer fails, I want to be able to play it on another computer if I can find one. I might have to make last-minute adjustments to the slide show, but at least I still have a copy I can adjust!