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Chapter 3. Sending and Receiving E-mail > Posting Items to Folders

Posting Items to Folders

Outlook includes a feature called a Post item. Post items can't be sent by e-mail but are “posted” in e-mail folders. Post items typically are used for discussions in Exchange public folders and for other collaborative work, as you will learn in Chapter 21, “Collaborating with Outlook and Exchange.” However, you can use Post items to place notes and reminders to yourself in e-mail folders and to serve as containers for such files as Word documents or Excel worksheets.

To add a Post item to a folder, select File, New, Post in This Folder to open a new Post item, as shown in Figure 3.26.

Figure 3.26. Post items can be used for discussions, notes in folders, and containers for attachments.

Enter a subject and select Categories to open the Categories dialog if you want to add a category to the Post. If you add a category, click OK to close the Categories dialog. Enter any text you want in the message area and add any attachments, as you learned in “Sending Attachments” earlier in this chapter. Select Post in the toolbar of the open Post item to add it to the current e-mail folder.

You will learn about posting replies to Post items and replying directly to the original poster in Chapter 21.

The Absolute Minimum

In this chapter, you learned about the basics of working with e-mails in Outlook 2003. To review, you now know how to

Send and receive e-mails.

Read e-mails.

Reply to e-mails and forward them to other people.

Create a new e-mail message and select its format.

Carbon copy and blind carbon copy people in outgoing e-mails.

Attach files and Outlook items to e-mails.

Set e-mail preferences.

Work with Post items.

With the skills you acquired in this chapter, you now know how to work with Outlook e-mails. In the next chapter, you will learn advanced e-mail techniques such as using signatures and stationery and flagging e-mails with Quick Flags and reminders.

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