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Chapter 18. Secure E-mail > Changing Settings for Secure E-mails

Changing Settings for Secure E-mails

To set your secure e-mail settings, do the following:

Select Tools, Options, select the Security tab, and click the Settings button. The Change Security Settings dialog opens, as shown in Figure 18.5.

Figure 18.5. The Change Security Settings dialog.

Enter a name for the settings you are creating and leave the Cryptography Format setting as S/MIME. S/MIME (Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension) is a widely supported Internet standard for secure e-mail and is the protocol Outlook uses for secure e-mail.

Check the Default Security Setting for this cryptographic message format checkbox.

Check the Default Security Setting for all cryptographic messages checkbox unless you intend to create other settings for different cryptographic message formats.


The various hash and encryption algorithms aren't covered in this book. The default hash and encryption algorithms will work in almost all cases, unless you are instructed to use other algorithms by either the certificate authority who issued the certificate or a recipient who requests you use different hash and encryption algorithms for him or her.

Click the Choose button and select your certificate. Click OK to use that certificate.

Check the Send these certificates with signed messages checkbox.

For most purposes, leave the default Hash Algorithm of SHA1 and the default Encryption Algorithm of 3DES unless you need to use other hash or encryption algorithms.



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