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Appendixes > The Help Menu

The Help Menu

In this section, you will learn about the commands in the Help menu. Many of the commands in the Help menu are available in the Help task pane, which also contains additional options for Outlook Help. Table B.1 shows the Outlook Help menu commands.

Table B.1. Outlook Help Menu Commands
Menu CommandDescription
Microsoft Office Outlook HelpOpens the Microsoft Outlook Help task pane. Also can be opened by pressing the F1 key.
Show the Office AssistantShows one of the Assistant characters, such as Clippit, the animated paper clip, or Rocky, the animated dog. You can type Help questions for the Assistant, which searches through the Outlook Help system.
Microsoft Office OnlineOpens Internet Explorer and goes to the Microsoft Office Online Web site.
Contact UsOpens Internet Explorer and goes to a Web page with links to Microsoft support services. From this page you can review how-to articles; search the Microsoft KnowledgeBase, which is a collection of support articles for all Microsoft products and technologies; contact Microsoft product support for paid support or free online assistance; download updates; and send comments to Microsoft.


If you do not have additional assistants available, you can add them by installing them from the Office Tools feature when adding features to Microsoft Office 2003. See “Adding and Removing Features” in Appendix A, “Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 Installation,” for information about adding features to Office 2003.

Check for UpdatesOpens Internet Explorer and goes to the Office Update Web page. Office Update can be used to automatically scan for updates the same way the Windows Update Web site can scan for Windows updates,.
Detect and RepairStarts the repair process for Outlook. This utility runs automatically and requires access to your Office CD. It can find and fix many Outlook and Office problems.
Activate ProductActivates Office after Office is run the first time or changes are made that require reactivation. You can activate Office either over the Internet or by telephone. You learned about activating Microsoft Office in Chapter 2, “Outlook from the Beginning,.”
Customer Feedback OptionsOpens a dialog in which you can choose to participate in Microsoft's Customer Experience Improvement Program and set online content settings.
About Microsoft Office OutlookOpens a dialog that shows the Outlook version, build number, and license information; provides links to system information, technical support, and a list of disabled items.



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