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Chapter 4. Keeping Track of People and P... > Importing Addresses from Outlook Exp...

Importing Addresses from Outlook Express

If you’re moving from Outlook Express to Outlook, it’s likely that you have at least some addresses in your Outlook Express address book that you want to add to your Contacts folder in Outlook. You can import the addresses into Outlook as contacts, and then you can modify the contacts to add other information that is not supported by the Outlook Express address book. Here’s how you import addresses from Outlook Express into Outlook:

Open Outlook and select File, Import and Export. The Import and Export Wizard appears.

Choose Import Internet Mail and Addresses and then click Next. The Outlook Import Tool dialog box (see Figure 4.5) appears.

Figure 4.5. You can select Outlook Express from the Outlook Import Tool dialog box.

Select the Outlook Express option from the list of mail services.

If you want to import only addresses and not existing mail messages, clear the Import Mail check box. Clear the Import Rules check box if you don’t want to import mail rules from Outlook Express. Then click Next.

The wizard prompts you to select one of the following options (see Figure 4.6):

Figure 4.6. You need to decide how Outlook should handle duplicate addresses.

  • Replace Duplicates with Items Imported— When you select this option, existing contacts in Outlook will be replaced if they have the same information as those in Outlook Express.

  • Allow Duplicates to Be Created— If you select this option, Outlook will create a new contact for each Outlook Express address, even if it duplicates an existing contact.

  • Do Not Import Duplicate Items— If you select this option, Outlook will not import addresses that duplicate those already in the Contacts folder.

Click Finish.



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