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Chapter 5. All Your Email in One Handy Spot > Setting Up an Email Account

Setting Up an Email Account

At some point you will need to add an email account to Outlook, whether it is the first time you run Outlook or because you have more than one account. Outlook supports four types of email accounts as well as additional server types:

  • Microsoft Exchange Server— You use this account type if you have an Exchange Server mailbox and want to take full advantage of your Exchange Server account’s features, such as message recall and group scheduling.

  • POP3— This is perhaps the most common account type for business and home users (except those who use Hotmail or Yahoo!). With Post Office Protocol 3 (POP3), your mail stays on the server until you download it to your computer, and then it is deleted from the server.

  • IMAP— This type of account is growing in popularity because the mail stays on the server until you delete it. This makes it easy to access your mail from more than one computer without worrying about synchronizing different copies of your Inbox. IMAP stands for Internet Mail Access Protocol.

  • HTTP— Currently, Outlook includes only canned support for Hotmail and MSN. But there is nothing to prevent a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) mail service from supporting Outlook. You should check with your mail provider to find out more about Outlook support.

  • Additional Server Types— This option enables you to add the Fax Mail Transport, which makes it possible for Outlook to send outgoing faxes. Outlook doesn’t ship with built-in support for any other mail server types.



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