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Printing an Envelope

If you used Word to type a letter, and that letter features the recipient's mailing address, open the letter now.

Open the Tools menu, choose Letters and Mailings, and choose Envelopes and Labels.

The Envelopes and Labels dialog box opens. Click the Envelopes tab.

Word finds the address in the document you have open. Edit it in the Delivery address box if needed.


Printing an envelope in Word is simple. You check to make sure that the address is right, put the envelope in the printer, and issue the command to print. Word assumes that you want to print on a standard business-size envelope, but you can choose a different envelope size if necessary.


Choosing a Different Envelope Size

To print on a different size envelope, click the Options button in the Envelopes tab of the Envelopes and Labels dialog box. Display the Envelope Size drop-down list and select the desired size. (If you don't see the size you want, click Custom Size at the bottom of the list, and click OK.) Then click OK to close the Envelope Options dialog box.

Word automatically includes your return address on the envelope. If you have envelopes with a preprinted return address, mark the Omit check box.

If you do want to print a return address, make sure the Omit check box is cleared, and that the address in the Return address box is correct (editing it if necessary).

Put the envelope in your printer and click the Print button.



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