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Part 5. Viewing and Printing a Document > Selecting a View for Your Document

Selecting a View for Your Document

In Print Layout view, margin areas and vertical and horizontal rulers are visible, as is the edge of the page. (The area off the edge of the page is dark gray.)

Open the View menu and choose Normal to switch to Normal view.

In Normal view, you can't see the margin areas, and you don't have a vertical ruler.

Open the View menu and choose Reading Layout to switch to Reading Layout view.


Word provides several views you can use to work with your documents. Print Layout view, the default, shows the margin areas of your document, so you can see things such as page numbers. You need to use this view to work with columns and graphics, among other things. If you are typing a document that doesn't contain a lot of formatting, Normal view should work well. This view doesn't show your margin areas, but it gives you an uncluttered view of your text. Reading Layout view is useful if you need to read through a long document and want to see the text clearly.

Text is enlarged, and is displayed in pages. Click the Allow Multiple Pages button to switch from displaying two pages to displaying one.

Click the down arrow on the vertical scroll bar to view the next page. To again view two pages at a time, click the Allow Multiple Pages button.

To adjust the size of the text as it's displayed onscreen (this doesn't change how it prints), click the Increase Text Size or Decrease Text Size button.

When you are finished, click the Close toolbar button to switch back to the previous view.



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