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Part 11. Performing Mass Mailings > Finishing an Envelope Mail Merge

Finishing an Envelope Mail Merge

Select your data source in the Select Data Source dialog box, and click Open.

The Mail Merge Recipient dialog box appears. Sort and edit your address list (see “Sorting and Editing the Recipient List” earlier in this part), and then click OK.

Click Next: Arrange your envelope at the bottom of the Mail Merge task pane.

Click in the middle of the envelope.


In this task, you complete the mail-merge process to print your envelopes. As with letters, you can sort your recipient list before merging. Here, you will insert a merge field for the address block, and choose whether you want to send the merged envelopes directly to the printer or display them onscreen first.


Modifying the Return Address

By default, Word uses the mailing address it finds in the User Information tab of the Options dialog box for the return address on your envelope. (To display this dialog box, open the Tools menu and choose Options.) If you have preprinted return addresses on your envelopes, just delete the address after step 6. You can also edit it however you'd like (you will probably want to increase the zoom setting to see the text more clearly).

An insertion point appears in the text box in which the address block will go. Click the Address block link in the Mail Merge task pane.

Make the desired selections in the Insert Address Block dialog box, and click OK.

Optionally, modify the return address (see the tip on the previous page), and then click Next: Preview your envelopes.

Follow the steps described in “Previewing Your Merged Letters” and “Running the Merge” earlier in this part. Newly merged envelopes will be called Envelopes1.



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