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Part 4. Managing Word Documents > Standardizing the Look of Your Documents

Standardizing the Look of Your Documents

Open the File menu and choose New to display the New Document task pane.

In the New Document task pane, under Templates, click On my computer to open the Templates dialog box.

Click the tab that contains the kind of template you want to use (your tabs may differ from those shown here), click a template to select it, and click the OK button.

Word creates a new document based on the template you chose.


You can type and format all your documents from scratch, but you don't have to. Word's templates can help you create a variety of documents, from memos and letters to fax cover sheets. A template is a rough blueprint for a document that usually includes some combination of text and formatting. When you use the New Blank Document toolbar button to start a document, Word assumes that you want to use the Normal template, which starts you off with a “plain vanilla” blank document. Here you learn to use other templates that contain text and more complex formatting.

If you see [Click here and type] instructions, type over them with the text you want in your document.

Some templates have instructions on using the template where the body of the document will go. If yours does, first read the information.

Select the instructions, and type over them with your text. (Your text replaces the selected instructions.) Optionally save, and then close, the document.



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