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Part 4. Managing Word Documents > Searching for a Document

Searching for a Document

In the Open dialog box, click the Tools button and choose Search. (For help displaying the Open dialog box, refer to “Opening a Document” earlier in this part.)

The File Search dialog box opens. In its Basic tab, click the down arrow next to the Search in box to display a drop-down list of locations.

To expand a location to see its contents, click the plus sign next to it. When a location is expanded, the plus sign changes to a minus sign.

A “triple” check mark indicates that Word will search within that location as well as all of its subfolders. Uncheck any locations you want to omit from the search.


If you have trouble finding a document that you know you saved, you can use Word's Search feature to hunt for it. This feature is especially useful if you can't remember what you named the document, because you can search for a word or phrase contained within the document. The Search command is accessible from the Open dialog box, so it's right there when you need it.

To include a location but not its subfolders, clear its check box, and click again to mark it with a “plain” check. When you're ready, click the down arrow to close the list.

Click the down arrow next to the Results should be box. Clear all the check boxes except for Word Files, and then close the list.

In the Search text text box, type the text from your document that you want to search for, and then click the Search button.

Word displays the documents it finds in the Results area. Double-click a document to open it.



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