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Part 8. Handy Editing Techniques > Correcting Text Automatically

Correcting Text Automatically

Open the Tools menu and choose AutoCorrect Options to open the AutoCorrect dialog box with the AutoCorrect tab displayed.

Scroll through the list at the bottom of the dialog box to see what errors AutoCorrect knows how to fix. Word replaces the items in the left column with the ones in the right.

Click in the Replace text box and type an incorrect spelling for a word you commonly misspell (in this example, probaly).

Click in the With text box and type the correct spelling for the word (here, probably).


Word's AutoCorrect feature fixes spelling errors for you automatically. By default, AutoCorrect makes corrections based on suggestions from the spell checker. It also has its own list of many commonly misspelled words, and you can add your own favorite typos to the list. In addition, you can use AutoCorrect to automatically enter special symbols, long names, or phrases that you have to type frequently.


Using AutoCorrect to Insert Repetitive Text

If you want to use AutoCorrect to insert a long name or phrase, type an abbreviation for the phrase in the Replace box (see step 3), and type the full spelling in the With box (see step 4).

Click the Add button.

The entry is added to the list. Click OK.

Type some text that contains the incorrectly spelled word you entered in step 4 (in this example, Rachel and Isaac will probaly).

Press the Spacebar. Word automatically replaces probaly with probably. Finish the sentence.



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