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Part 8. Handy Editing Techniques > Checking Your Grammar

Checking Your Grammar

To check the grammar of text marked with a green wavy line, right-click the text.

If the context menu that appears contains a suggested fix that you like, click it to make the change. (If you don't see a fix you like, click Ignore Once.)

To use the spell checker to check your grammar, click the Spelling and Grammar button on the Standard toolbar.

In the Spelling and Grammar dialog box, make sure the Check grammar check box is marked.


Just as Word keeps an eye out for possible spelling errors as you type, it also watches for potential grammar problems. When it finds one, it marks the text with a green wavy underline. You can right-click the underlined text to check your grammar on-the-fly or wait until you are finished typing the document and then run a spell check, which by default includes a grammar check. This task describes how to do both.

When Word finds a possible grammatical error, it highlights it in green. If the correct fix is listed in the Suggestions area, click it and click the Change button.

If you want Word to ignore the flagged text, click the Ignore Once button.

If you don't want Word to suggest fixes like this one in the rest of the document, click Ignore Rule. (Click Explain to learn more about the rule Word is using.)

When Word tells you that it has finished the spelling and grammar check, click OK.



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