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Part 3. Editing Text > Moving or Copying Multiple Items

Moving or Copying Multiple Items

Select your first item and click the Copy button in the Standard toolbar.

Select and copy your second item; the Clipboard task pane opens. Word items are represented in the task pane by Word icons; the Clipboard displays a snippet of text from each item to identify it.

If you like, add more items to the Office Clipboard (up to 24). You can add items from any Windows application. The number of items you've added is displayed at the top of the Clipboard.


Most of the time, you only need to cut or copy one piece of text at a time. Occasionally, however, you may need to “collect” a bunch of pieces of text from different places to move or copy. The Office Clipboard allows you to do just that. You can collect multiple items of any length (they can come from Word or any other Windows application), and then paste them into a Word document or any other Office document. (This example shows you how to use the Copy command with the Clipboard to copy items, but you can also use the Cut command to move items.)

To paste an item on the Clipboard into a document, switch to the desired document and position the insertion point accordingly. (You'll learn how to switch among open documents in Part 4.)

Click the item that you want to insert in the Clipboard task pane, and click Paste in the list that appears.

The item is pasted into your document. To paste all of the items in the Clipboard task pane at once, click the Paste All button.

To empty the Office Clipboard, click the Clear All button. To close the Clipboard task pane, click the Close button.


Displaying the Clipboard Task Pane

If the Clipboard task pane does not open automatically in Step 2, open the Edit menu and choose Office Clipboard. To configure the Clipboard task pane to appear automatically when you copy multiple items, click the Options button at the bottom of the task pane, and choose Show Office Clipboard Automatically.

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