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Part 6. Changing the Appearance of Slides > Setting Header and Footer Text

Setting Header and Footer Text

Open the View menu and choose Header and Footer.

The Header and Footer dialog box opens, displaying the Slide tab. To add a footer, click the Footer check box.

Type the text you want to appear at the bottom of each slide.


Another way to alter the appearance of your slides is to add header and footer text. You can use header and footer text to display the same information on every slide in your presentation, such as the company name, your name, or the date. Header text appears at the top of the slide, while footer text appears at the bottom of the slide. Header text is limited to the date and time, while footer text can be any text you want to include on the slide.


AutoContent Wizard Slides

If you used the AutoContent wizard to create a presentation, header and footer text may appear automatically based on the presentation type you selected. Edit the text using the Header and Footer dialog box.

To include the date and time as header text, be sure the Date and Time check box is selected.

Click Update Automatically to let PowerPoint keep track of the current date, or click Fixed and enter a specific date.

Click Apply to All to add the header and footer text to every slide, or click Apply to add the text to the current slide only.

The header and/or footer text appears on the slide.



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