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Part 7. Adding Charts and Diagrams > Adding an Organization Chart

Adding an Organization Chart

Click the Insert Diagram icon in the placeholder slide object.

The Diagram Gallery dialog box opens. Click the Organization Chart option.

Click OK.

PowerPoint creates the chart and places it on the slide along with the Organization Chart toolbar.


Add an organization chart to a slide to show a structure, such as a corporate structure or a chain of command. You can then add shapes to the chart to extend the structure. Organization chart shapes are classified as subordinate, coworker, or assistant, and are connected by lines called connecting lines. Subordinate shapes are added directly below the current shape. Coworker shapes are added to the right of the current shape. Assistant shapes are added off to the side, yet below the current shape.


Using Another Layout

By default, PowerPoint builds your organization chart using a standard layout that starts with one shape at the top, like a pyramid. You can choose from several other layouts if you click the Layout button on the Organization Chart toolbar.

Click a shape and type your own chart text; repeat for each shape in the organization chart.

To add another block to the chart, click the shape you want to add a new shape to, click the Insert Shape button on the Organization Chart toolbar, and click a shape type.

PowerPoint adds the shape and connects it to the current shape. Click the new shape and type the desired text.



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