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Part 3. Reading and Handling E-mail Mess... > Flagging Messages for Action - Pg. 70

Reading and Handling E-mail Messages 70 Flagging Messages for Action 1. Select the message you want to flag. 2. Open the Actions menu and choose Follow Up. A submenu containing a list of available follow- up flags appears; click the flag you want to assign. 3. The message is flagged with the color you chose. INTRODUCTION You should get in the habit of handling messages as you receive them, removing them from your Inbox. If a message can't be handled immediately, however, you can flag it for action. You can then easily find messages that require your attention. Flagged messages are placed in the For Follow Up folder. TIP Clearing a Flag One way to remove a flag is to select the flagged message and then choose Actions, Follow Up, Clear Flag. Alternatively, you can mark the follow-up activity as complete, using a completed flag. To do so, select the message, and then choose Actions, Follow Up, Flag Complete.