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Scheduling a Meeting

With the day on which you want to schedule your appointment visible onscreen, double-click the desired appointment time to open the Untitled Appointment window.

Type a subject and select the location for your meeting in the Subject and Location fields. Then click the Label field down arrow and select a label for the meeting.

Click the Scheduling tab in the Appointment window.

To set the meeting duration, click the bar in the timeline. Or, select the start and end times from the Meeting Start Time and Meeting End Time drop-down lists.


Outlook's Meeting Planner enables you to plan a meeting from start to finish with other attendees. You specify the attendees, determine a meeting time, check for any schedule conflicts, and even schedule a room. You also can send an email to the other attendees, inviting them to the meeting.


Meeting Times

If you didn't select the meeting time on your calendar before you opened the Meeting dialog box, you can set the meeting time on the Attendee Availability tab by selecting the start and end times.


Recurring Meetings

If a meeting you want to schedule occurs at the same time each week, click the Recurrence button on the Appointment window toolbar. The appointment will appear on your calendar at the same time and day each week.

Click the Add Others button and select Add from Address Book to open the Select Attendees and Resources dialog box.

Select the required contacts in your Contacts list, and click the Required button. Then select the optional contacts and click Optional. Click OK.

Click the Send button to send emails to all the attendees on the list.

The meeting appears in your Outlook Calendar view.



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