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Part 3. Editing Documents > Replacing Text

Replacing Text

Open the Edit menu and select Replace to open the Find and Replace dialog box with the Replace tab displayed.

Type the text you want to locate in the Find What text box. (The Find What text box might contain text from a previous search, which you'll need to type over.)

Click in the Replace with text box (or press the Tab key), and type the text that you want to replace the Find What text with.

Click the Find Next button.


You use Word's Replace command to have Word search for and replace all occurrences of a particular bit of text, character or paragraph formatting, or special character. For example, if you entered a number incorrectly throughout a document, you can search for the number and replace it with the correct number. You can begin a find-and-replace operation from any location in a document, not just from the beginning.


Special Characters

If you need to search for special characters in your document, click the More button to view additional search options and then click the Special button. You can select the special character (for example, a Tab character) from the pop-up list.

Word highlights the first occurrence of the Find What text. To replace it, click the Replace button; to skip it without making the change, click Find Next.

To replace all instances of the Find What text in one fell swoop, click the Replace All button.

Click the OK button when Word tells you how many replacements were made.

Click the Close button to close the Find and Replace dialog box.


Using the Find and Replace Dialog Box

You can search and replace through a document one occurrence at a time by clicking the Replace button. If you don't want to replace a specific occurrence, click the Find Next button to move on.


Using More

You can click the More button in the Find and Replace dialog box to narrow the scope of your search options. For example, if you need to replace all references to and with the ampersand (&), select the Find Whole Words Only search option. This way, the search skips over any references that contain and in any form—such as candy or android—and finds only the whole word and.

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