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Part 3. Editing Documents > Making Document Changes - Pg. 37

37 Chapter 3. Editing Documents There are many ways you can edit your documents, and Word makes it as easy as possible. You can cut, copy, or paste text or objects, or you can simply overwrite them. And if you make a mistake, Word lets you undo your changes; that way, if you change your mind again, you can redo the changes. Another commonly used editing feature is Word's Search and Replace, which you can use to find and replace text. This enables you to make changes in your document quickly, instead of one at a time while searching through the document yourself. Along with checking the spelling and grammar in your documents, you can use Word's thesaurus to find just the right word to convey your meaning or to avoid using a particular word too many times in the same sentence. Last, but not least, you can add passwords to share your documents with others as well as compare documents and use revision marks to keep track of edits and changes that everyone makes. Then, of course, you get to review any changes and determine which ones you want to keep and which ones you want to delete. Making Document Changes