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Part 3. Editing Documents > Using AutoCorrect Options

Using AutoCorrect Options

Open the Tools menu and select AutoCorrect Options to open the AutoCorrect dialog box with the AutoCorrect tab selected.

Review the correction options. To add a word to the list of words that are corrected automatically, click in the Replace box and type the misspelled version of the word.

Click in the With box and type the word you want AutoCorrect to insert as the replacement text. Then, click the Add button.

The word is added to the list of words that AutoCorrect corrects automatically.


The AutoCorrect options in Word, including AutoCorrect and AutoText (discussed here), are quite clever and can save you a lot of time. AutoCorrect makes corrections to your text as you type. For example, if you forget to capitalize the first word in a sentence, Word's AutoCorrect feature will do it for you automatically. AutoText, on the other hand, automatically enters designated text as you type in your document. For example, if you are working on a document in which you must type the same name repeatedly (for example, Nancy D. Lewis), you can instruct Word to automatically complete the name as soon as you enter the first few characters (that is, you type Na and press Enter and the entire name appears).


Altering the Defaults

If errors are on the AutoCorrect tab that you don't want to automatically fix, uncheck the appropriate box. If any words are on the AutoText tab that you don't want to automatically complete as you type, select the entry and click Delete.

Click the AutoText tab and scroll through the list of AutoComplete entries.

Type the text of a word or phrase you want AutoText to automatically complete in the Enter AutoText Entries Here box.

Click the Add button to add the new text as part of the default AutoText settings; click the OK button when you are finished making changes to the AutoCorrect dialog box.

Type the AutoCorrect text and press the spacebar; the error is corrected. Then, type the beginning of the AutoText phrase. When the ScreenTip appears, press Enter.


Replacing Symbols

You can replace many types of characters in AutoCorrect. For example, you can replace lb with an English pound sign (£). Select Insert, Symbol to insert the £ in your document, select the symbol, and copy it (press Ctrl+C). Then, in the AutoCorrect dialog box, paste the symbol (press Ctrl+V) into the With box and type lb in the Replace box.


AutoCorrect Exceptions

If there are any situations in which you don't want Word to automatically correct text, click the Exceptions button on the AutoCorrect tab.

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