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Part 15. Advanced Office and Web Feature... > Saving Documents As Web Pages - Pg. 302

Advanced Office and Web Features 5. 302 To view the file you just saved, click the Open button on the Standard toolbar in, for example, Microsoft Word. 6. Click the down arrow next to the Files of Type field and select Text Files from the list that appears. 7. Open the folder in which you saved the file in step 4 (in this case, the My Documents folder). Then click the file to select it and click the Open button. 8. The text file is opened. TIP Additional Save Options In addition to saving a Web page as a text file, you can select how you want to save the Web page in the Save As Type area by selecting one of the following: Web Page; Web Archive; or Web Page, HTML Only. These options save not only the text, but also the graphics and other parts of the Web page so that they are intact when you open the file in an Office document.