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Part 15. Advanced Office and Web Feature... > Copying and Linking to Office Docume...

Copying and Linking to Office Documents

In an Office document (for example, an Excel worksheet), select the cells you want to copy or link to in another document (for example, a Word document).

Click the Copy button on the Standard toolbar.

In a new, blank Office document (here, a Microsoft Word document), click the Paste button on the Standard toolbar.

The cells are copied (not linked) into the Word document.


Until now, you have learned about the many ways you can copy and paste items in your documents. This task takes you a step further by showing you how to copy and link to other Office documents—for example, between Excel and Word, as outlined in this task. When you paste data, the data becomes part of the new location and is no longer representative of any changes made to the original location. When you link data, the link can be updated so that any changes to the original location will display in the new location.

To link the data (not copy), click in the document where you want the data to appear; then selct Edit, Paste Special to open the Paste Special dialog box.

Click the Paste Link option button and, in the As field, select Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object. Click OK; the cells are linked (not copied).

Switch back to your Excel worksheet and edit the contents of one of the cells you copied (in this case, I changed Tom Fenter's region to 2).

Switch to the Word document and see that the cell content was updated in the linked cells but not the copied cells.



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