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Part 8. Working with Data Lists > Entering Worksheet Data Using a Data List For...

Entering Worksheet Data Using a Data List Form

Type a unique heading for each of the columns you want in your data list. (Excel can get confused if you use the same label in more than one column header.)

Select all the headers and format them so they will stand out from the regular listed data (perhaps adding some cell color and changing the font color).

Type a sample row of the data you will be inputting with your form. Your columns can include calculated fields (A × B = C) and numeric styles (Currency).

Select the cells that you want to use to establish the data list. Include at least one regular row of cells (with or without data) along with your data list labels.


If you like the regular worksheet style of entering data, you can enter data directly in the cells. Simply select each cell and type an entry, doing so for each record you want in your worksheet. If you prefer to concentrate on one record at a time, however, you can display a data list form onscreen and enter the records in that form (as covered in this task). This will be easier on your eyes and can help to keep you from getting lost in the data.


Total sales

Notice how the Current Month Sales field on the data list form doesn't allow you to enter information. This is because it is a calculated field (meaning that it contains the answer to Units Sold × Price per Unit = Current Month Sales). To keep from entering invalid data into particular fields, create validation rules (see the following task).

Open the Data menu and choose Form. A form, or Range Criteria, dialog box appears displaying the selected cells as data labels and the row as the first record.

Click the New button; the form changes to display blank fields, ready for the entry of a new record.

Type the data for a new record into the data list form boxes, pressing Tab to move from field to field. Then, click New to enter the data and clear the form.

Either enter another new record on the data list form or click the form's Close button when you finish entering data.



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