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Part 8. Working with Data Lists > Working with Data List Subtotals

Working with Data List Subtotals

After you've sorted your data (see the task “Sorting Data List Records”), choose Data, Subtotals to open the Subtotal dialog box.

Click the down arrow next to the At each change in field and select the field you want to subtotal.

Click the down arrow next to the Use function field and select the type of function you want performed on the selected field.

In the Add subtotal to list, click the check box next to the field to which you want to add the subtotal. Uncheck any other fields to avoid subtotaling each field.


Subtotals are an easy way to summarize data in a list. You might, for example, want to total all sales by a particular region and then view a grand total. Or, you might want to total sales by sales representative. You can sort and then subtotal on any field in the data list, as long as the data in that field is of a type that can be “totaled.” For this task, first sort the data in ascending order by region; then add subtotals for the year-to-date sales according to region.


More sort options

To sort your data list, you can also choose Data, Sort, select the field (Region) to sort by, specify how you want to sort (Ascending or Descending), and click OK. Refer to the task “Sorting Data List Records” for more information.

Click Replace current subtotals if data list has subtotals; Page break between groups to put subtotals on a new page; Summary below data to add subtotal summaries.

Click OK. Excel inserts a subtotal row for each time the selected field changes, performs the SUM function on the column and adds a grand total at the end of the data list.

Click the Print Preview button on the Standard toolbar.

The Print Preview window opens, providing a better look at your data after subtotals have been added (click Close to return to the worksheet).



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