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Part 6. Working with Charts > Creating a Chart

Creating a Chart

Select the cells you want to include in your chart.

Click the Chart Wizard button on the Standard toolbar.

The first page of the Chart Wizard opens. Select the desired Chart Type and Chart Sub-type; then click Next.

Depending on how you want your chart information to appear, click Rows or Columns in the Series in area.


Interpreting numeric data by looking at numbers in a table can be difficult. Using data to create charts can help people visualize the data's significance. For example, you might not have noticed in a spreadsheet that the same month of every year has low sales figures, but it becomes obvious when you make a chart from the data in that spreadsheet. The chart's visual nature also helps others review your data without the need to review every single number.


Using Back and Cancel

At any time while using the Chart wizard, you can click the Back button to return to previous screens or the Cancel button to start over. In addition, you can click the Finish button any time and add information to your chart afterward.

Type a name for the chart in the Chart title field, a value for the x-axis in the Category (X) axis field, and any other values you want; then click Next.

Click the As New Sheet option to enter the chart as a new sheet (and type a sheet name), or the As Object in option to enter the chart in the sheet you select.

Click Finish.

Excel creates the chart, displaying it along with a Chart toolbar.



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