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Part 9. Printing in Excel > Printing Worksheets

Printing Worksheets

Choose File, Print to open the Print dialog box.

Click the down arrow next to the Printer Name field to choose the printer or fax you want to use.

In the Print range area, click Page(s) From and To and type the pages you want to include in the range (for example, from 2 to 5), or keep the All (default).


Printing a worksheet, workbook, or chart sheet is quite simple, but setting the options for printing can be complex. The number of options that must be set before printing depends on the amount of data stored in the workbook, how it is arranged, how much of it needs to be printed, and how you want the printout to look.


Quick printing

If you simply click the Print button on the Standard toolbar, your entire worksheet will print using the default printing options unless you have changed them beforehand.


Setting additional print options

To set additional print options, such as the paper size, graphic options, font options, and printer details, click the Properties button in the Print dialog box.

Type the number of copies you want to print in the Number of Copies field, which defaults to 1.

If you want the printed pages to be collated, click the Collate checkbox to select it.

In the Print what area, click either Selection (only selected cells), Active Sheet(s) (currently sheets), or Entire workbook (all worksheets and chart sheets).

Click OK to send your printout to the printer. Alternatively, click Preview to preview your printout; then click the Print button on the Print Preview toolbar.



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