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Part 10. Advanced Excel and Web Features > Using Data from Another Application ...

Using Data from Another Application (Importing)

Open the Data menu, choose Import External Data, and select Import Data to open the Select Data Source dialog box.

The Select Data Source dialog box opens. Locate and double-click on the text-based file you want to import; Office launches the Text Import wizard.

Click the Delimited option (because it describes the data in the file you are importing), and type 1 in the Start import at row 1 spin box (for the entire file).

Click the File origin down arrow and choose Windows (ANSI) (because it originated on a Windows operating system platform). Then, click the Next button.


Another way to transfer data from one application to another is to import it. For example, you could import data from a Word document into an Excel spreadsheet; before you do, however, that Word data must be in a form that Excel can accept (for example, in a tab-delimited text file). In this task, you'll use the file you exported from Excel to Word in the preceding task to learn how to import data into Excel.


Alternate file locations

If necessary, click the down arrow next to the Look In field in the Select Data Source dialog box and select the folder that contains the file from the list that appears. To move up a folder level, click the Up One Level button on the dialog box's toolbar. If you double-click a subfolder, its contents appear in the list of files and folders.

Under Delimiters, mark the Tab check box. Then, click the Text qualifier down arrow and choose . Preview the file in the Data preview area; if OK, click Next.

Depending on your data type, choose General, Text, Date, or Do not import column (skip) in the Column data format area. Then, click Finish.

Click the OK button in the Import Data dialog box to place the data in the existing worksheet beginning with cell A1.

The data is inserted.



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