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Chapter 14. Using Word's Quick and Easy ... > AutoShapes: Word's Library of Predra...

AutoShapes: Word's Library of Predrawn Shapes

You may find that you need more complicated shapes than are easily drawn manually. Fortunately, Word may have done much of the work for you, with AutoShapes. Word's AutoShapes collection gives you arrows, banners, callouts, and many other predrawn shapes, all of them easy to insert into your document and customize to your precise needs. Word provides these categories of predrawn AutoShapes:

  • Lines— Word's tools for creating free-form shapes and “scribbles.”

  • Connectors— Straight lines, angled lines, curly lines, and arrows that can help you neatly connect any shapes you've drawn.

  • Basic Shapes— Both 2D and 3D shapes, lightning bolts, suns, moons, hearts, smiley faces, and other commonly used shapes.

  • Block Arrows— Both 2D and 3D arrows that are fancier than the arrows covered earlier and can be filled with colors, patterns, or gradients.

  • Flowchart— Twenty-eight symbols most commonly used in building flowcharts.

  • Stars and Banners— Starbursts and other objects ideal for newspaper advertising and fliers.

  • Callouts— Text boxes connected to arrows; these allow you to annotate anything on a page in a single step.

  • More AutoShapes— Displays the Clip Art task pane, where you can choose from more than 100 additional AutoShapes—including, for example, drawings of computer equipment and furniture for use in network and office layouts.



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