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This book has one—and only one—goal: to make you the most productive Word 2003 user on the block, no matter what kind of documents you create.

From letters to manuals, reports to email merges, Web sites to XML content, you'll find a relentless focus on productivity here. I intend to show you

  • The fastest, easiest way to get the job done

  • Techniques for streamlining and automating those annoying tasks you've been doing by hand

  • Ideas for doing more with Word than you ever thought possible

Even if you're experienced with Word, you'll be amazed at how much more it can do for you—and how easily—once you know how to utilize it.

For instance, you probably know about some of these features, but you're a rare and special Word user if you already know how to get Word to do all this:

  • Prevent a document from being read after a certain date

  • Design, organize, and create links for an entire business email newsletter in 15 minutes

  • Automatically format your document and fix hundreds of common spelling mistakes without even being asked

  • Compare two older drafts of a document and show you every single text and formatting change

  • Remove hidden personal information from your documents so they can't be identified

  • Automatically reformat your document from U.S. to European A4 page size

  • Apply numbered headings throughout your document that stay up-to-date automatically

  • Build a meeting agenda with Word in a matter of minutes

  • Automatically insert large blocks of formatted text—even pictures—when you type a few characters of your choice

  • Automatically build an index based on a list of words you provide

  • Automatically add a numbered caption to every graphic or table in your document

  • Print a list of every change you've made in a document using Tracked Changes

  • Reveal all the formatting associated with any text in your document

  • Display a document onscreen in a manner designed for easy review—without changing the document's actual formatting

  • Use XML to automatically extract useful data from Word documents

There are dozens more examples, but you get the point. The time you invest in learning Word's productivity features can pay extraordinary dividends.

If you've ever suspected that there was a more efficient way to get the job done, or avoided a feature because you were worried about its complexity, now's the time to go for it. Special Edition Using Microsoft Office Word 2003 will be with you every step of the way.

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