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Chapter 13. Getting Images Into Your Doc... > Inserting a Photo or Another Image Y...

Inserting a Photo or Another Image You've Created

The simplest way to insert an image in your document is to insert it directly, from a file stored on your hard drive, your network, your intranet, or the Internet. To do so, follow these steps:

Choose Insert, Picture, From File. The Insert Picture dialog box appears, typically displaying the My Pictures folder (see Figure 13.1). This is the folder Word provides as a default for storing all the photos you personally use.

Figure 13.1. From the Insert Picture dialog box, you can browse to any picture.


My Pictures is a subfolder within your My Documents folder. By default, each user of your computer has her own My Documents and My Pictures folders, so images stored inside yours won't be displayed by default when others use your PC.

Windows XP also provides a Shared Pictures folder within the Shared Documents folder inside My Documents. If you store images in the Shared Pictures folder, they will be more easily accessible to all users who share your computer.

Browse to and select the image file you want to use. You can browse to any location on your network, as well as Web or FTP sites you've set up as Network Places.

→ To learn more about browsing to and setting up Network Places, seeSaving Across a Network,” p. 82.

If you want to see a larger preview of your image, choose Preview from the View button in the Insert Picture dialog box. The Preview window at the right side of the screen shows a large preview of the image (see Figure 13.2).

Figure 13.2. When you use Insert Picture to select an image, it's previewed in the Preview window.

When you're satisfied with the image you've chosen, click Insert.



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